While living in Paris I studied 16th/17th century oil painting and fresco techniques for two years (1990-92) with Marino Barberio at L'Atelier St. Luc. This environment produced an appreciation of traditional preparation and painting techniques which I still draw upon and use today as a platform and springboard.

Training started with an understanding of materials; how to make ones own paints, brushes, mediums, varnishes, gessoes and prepare raw canvas, wood panel and papers. Disciplines included life drawing, still life, 'plein-air' painting and copying old master paintings in the Louvre museum. It was a magical time and ironically, this exploration of the Old World opened up a whole new world to me. During this period I was also fortunate enough to attend the excellent weekly morphology classes as an 'auditeur' at the Ecole des Beaux Arts with Professor Deborg. I practiced 'life-sculpture' in clay at the ADAC for 4 months.