(photograph by Wendy Mills)

My artwork is an experiment that seeks to create an unexpected version of something familiar. I am drawn to textures and seek to capture otherworldly qualities of light, subject, and color. I am inspired by the way time ages both natural and man-made objects. As a photographer, I often look for the beauty in decaying or deteriorating surfaces, parlaying light and shadow into abstract compositions, and I strive to do the same in my paintings.

The act of creation is as important to me as the finished piece and I enjoy the process of discovery. I find comfort in the freedom to use any and all mediums, from traditional photography, paint, and collage, to unusual materials such as dried seaweed and found objects. I'm particularly interested in the accumulation of layers and texture; building up and then tearing back down to reveal something new.

I attended art school at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and received my BFA in filmmaking from the Massachusetts College of Art in 2005. I have been an active member of the Artists' Association of Nantucket since 2010 where I curate an annual exhibition of cellphone photographs and I received the Photography Award for excellence in photography in 2012. My artwork is in the permanent collection at the Photomedia Center in Erie, PA as part of the Holga 2.0 group show.