Kwan attended Phuket Rajabhat University and Rajamangala University, where she received degrees in both teaching and visual arts. 

In 2012, she moved to Nantucket from Thailand and her island experience began. Kwan joined the Artists' Association of Nantucket, and shortly thereafter received the Award for Promising New Artist. She has been doing her art, decorative painting and teaching since.

"Things observed then remembered are a starting point for my creative process. I allow myself to reflect and approach my art with a feeling of uplifting and calm. However at the same time, I know that effervescence cannot exist without melancholy, and elation without the longing for something just out of reach".

"It is an uplifting discovery when color, light, texture and space come together. My art provides me with a calm and joy, and I hope it does the same for my audience".